Top 5 Professional Benefits of Working Abroad in Thailand

If you have visited our site before, you’ll know there are many perks to living and working in Thailand. Along with a sponsored visa, competitive salary and of course, being in a beautiful climate; working in Thailand will also enhance how future employers perceive your professional experience.

Moving to a new country, starting a new job and making friends in a foreign place can seem daunting. The status quo in your home country is comfortable and change is scary. We understand that. However, forward thinking individuals know that having a global perspective is not only an asset, but a key to success in any modern organization.  

Top 5 Professional Benefits of Working Abroad in Thailand

Building a global network.

Bangkok alone has thousands of expats working in the city. Living, working and being friends with professionals from all over the world can only be a positive thing. These connections mean you will have a friendly face in other places of the world when you travel down the road. Who knows, maybe that colleague you met during your time in Bangkok could also be a future job lead in the country of your dreams once you’re ready to move on.

Cultural Awareness.

Every country is becoming more and more culturally diverse as years pass. Within companies, it is imperative to ensure all employees feel included no matter what their background is. Looking upon diversity as a way to gain new perspectives and improve how you work is important. Naturally, having international experience on your CV, and proven success in an environment with many cultures is invaluable to employers in this day in age.

Communication Skills.

Working with people from different areas of the world inevitably brings different communication styles and working habits. Having experience navigating these differences improves how you communicate with not only other cultures, but also as a whole.  Situations like these force you to approach situations with an open mind and in turn, allow you to communicate on a new level, earning a lot of respect from those around you.


After a year of living and working in a different country, it would be no surprise to anyone that your confidence will improve. Trusting yourself to navigate a new environment and being successful in your endeavour does wonders for how you carry yourself and approach new situations.


Living and working abroad proves your ability to adapt to new environments and situations at ease for obvious reasons. Being exposed to fresh ideas and ways of tackling projects can give you a new perspective in how you evaluate certain challenges.  Future employers recognize your experience abroad by being confident in your ability to navigate the many unique challenges faced on the job.


Working abroad certainly provides you with skills that future employers will look upon favourably. International experience can be a key differentiator when your CV is stacked up to others in your field with a seemingly identical range of experience. In some cases it may even be a deciding factor in making a hiring decision, especially if the company in question works in international markets.

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