High Demand for Tech Professionals in Thailand

You may have already traveled through Thailand and have an idea about how fantastic life could be living and working in the Land of Smiles.  Even if you haven’t been here personally, it’s likely you’ve heard friends and family come back from a trip raving about the amazing beaches, friendly culture and delicious food. While so many people would love to live and work here, the first thought is it’s probably not a move that would be in line with your savings goals or career aspirations.

As a worker within tech, the last statement could not be more false. The demand for developers, designers and projects managers in Bangkok is higher than ever, and making a move this way could even allow you to save more than you would at home.

Before highlighting the professional benefits of packing up and heading for Thailand, there are a few obvious perks that should be mentioned, such as: friendly Thai culture, amazing local cuisine (with of course having Western staples available too), festivals, proximity to gorgeous beach destinations… the list goes on and on. But for purposes of considering a move professionally, let’s answer some important questions:

Can you really save more money in Bangkok than at home?

The quick answer to this is YES, absolutely. A good breakdown comparing the cost of living by category in London vs. Bangkok is available here. It is often quickly noticed that you can make a BIG upgrade with how you live, still spending less. For example, expats new to Bangkok are frequently raving about the luxe buildings they live in, which offer in-house gyms and pools, rooftop lounges and cleaning services. People often ask what the day to day looks like, so we decided to sum it up in one short video. Watch here.

So what about salary?

One thing we know for sure is that salaries remain competitive in the digital landscape in Bangkok. You may not receive a massive increase compared to at home, but there are some other benefits to keep in mind, cost of living included.

Bangkok has become a tech hub in Asia. The demand for digital professionals is fierce, and they’re looking for Western minded professionals to lead their teams forward. Young professionals are often seen taking on more senior roles than they would ever be considered for in their home country. This is simply because their experience is in demand and highly respected in the region. With this, it is no surprise that Bangkok has quickly become populated with digital professionals who are looking to enhance their resume and fast track their career.

Should you just become a digital nomad instead? 

A common goal for many people in this industry is to become a “digital nomad”. If you’ve done some research on the topic, you will know that there is a bit of a grey area in terms of the legality of such work. Operating an online business in Thailand while on a tourist visa can be concerning, especially when there is conflicting information about whether it is legal.

It is certainly possible to operate your online business in Thailand the legal way, especially with the introduction of the SMART Visa. However this is aimed at bringing in executives and specialists from certain industries. If you don’t fall into the specific categories, you’re unfortunately out of luck.  

Having peace of mind with a proper visa just means there is no threat you will have to leave (or face hefty fines, and even prosecution). So perhaps working for a company in Thailand the legal way could be a great avenue to “get your feet wet” and see what this lifestyle is all about.

Will companies provide a visa and work permit?

Companies hiring foreign workers in Thailand are legally required to provide the necessary documentation and help facilitate the visa and work permit process. It is also common for the company to pay for every expense related to your application, including if you need to travel to obtain the visa.

With that said, it is important to be aware that there are a lot of companies employing foreign workers illegally. This puts the company and the employee at risk.

Every client we work with complies with these laws and will absolutely facilitate your visa application and work permit process the right way - we will make sure of it!

Is there a catch?

Working and living in Bangkok can be an exciting and lucrative experience that will propel you forward in your career. The locals give the expat community utmost respect, and having such a large community of digital professionals will make you feel right at home. Being surrounded by other amazing countries also makes holiday travel and weekend getaways that much sweeter.

As long as you can handle a continuously warm climate, are willing to embrace new cultures, and keep an open mind you’ll fit right in!

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