Working in Thailand: Digital Nomad vs. Visa Sponsorship

If you live on planet earth, you are probably familiar with the concept of being a digital nomad. Working in the tech world, you may have considered this as a viable option for yourself, or have even taken the leap into this lifestyle already. The idea of living and working wherever you want, as long as you have your laptop and an internet connection sounds pretty good, right?

With some research on the topic, you also have probably noticed that this type of work abroad is not exactly legal. There are grey areas and misinformation all over the internet causing confusion for many. The reality is most professionals are operating on tourist visas, and officials of many countries are starting to notice.

Being in Thailand, it is certainly possible to operate your online business the legal way, especially with the introduction of the SMART Visa. However this new Visa is aimed at bringing in executives and specialists from certain industries. If you don’t fall into the specific categories, you’re unfortunately out of luck.   

The Positive News:

There are many companies in Thailand that are looking for tech professionals with foreign experience. These companies will provide legitimate work visa sponsorship and competitive salaries.

If you’ve considered the digital nomad lifestyle, and really want to get your feet wet with working in a new exotic place, perhaps this alternative option is for you.

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